This Week in the Word

In Lent 2012, many members and friends of St. John’s participated in a spiritual campaign called “40 Days in the Word”.   Through the campaign we learnt six different methods for reading and reflecting upon God’s Word (Pronounce It, Picture It, Paraphrase It, Probe It, Personalise It, Pray It).  To help us to continue in our devotional use of God’s Word, there is weekly sheet in our Sunday Bulletin listing a Bible passage for each day and a suggested devotional method for reflecting upon the passage.  For more information about the six devotional methods, read our Six Ways of Reflecting on God’s Word brochure.




Monday 14/11/16  Luke 21:25-36 (The coming of the Son of Man)

Pronounce it!! 

Read Jesus’ description of the End of the Age then meditate on each word of verse 36.

How do these words compare to your relationship with Jesus? Pray that earthly distractions will not spoil your appointment with him.


Tuesday 15/11/16 Exodus 14:10-31 (Stand firm)

Picture it!! 

Imagine the Israelites fear of being trapped between the Egyptians and the waters of the Red Sea then the spectacular way God saved them.

How can Moses’ faith help you in troubled times today? Pray for faith in God’s ways.


Wednesday 16/11/16  2 Chronicles 20:1-4, 14-17(Do not be afraid)

Picture it!! 

Read this passage and feel the impending doom of the approaching army.

How can you apply Jahaziel’s faith to the personal battles of your life? Hand them to God and pray for the courage to face them with God on your side.


Thursday 17/11/16  1 John 4:1-6 (Do not believe every spirit)

Probe it!! 

Use the S.P.A.C.E.P.E.T.S. questions to explore this passage.

Do all the spirits in your world pass the test described in verse 2? Pray to be alert to false values and for guidance to live looking to Jesus in all you say and do.


Friday 18/11/16  Jude 17-23 (A call to persevere)

Pray it!!  

Read these words then rewrite them, requesting in prayer the values and strengths listed for your life.  

What do these words say regarding your duty to other people around you?  Pray for ways to serve as a witness to Jesus love today.

Saturday 19/11/16  Psalm 141 (God is my refuge)

Paraphrase it!! 

Rewrite these words into your prayer of praise to the Lord, giving thanks for the ways he protects and looks after you.

What snares distract you from keeping your eyes fixed on the Lord? Pray to focus on his promised refuge.  

Sunday 20/11/16 Luke 23:33-43 (Christ the crucified king)

Picture it!! 

Imagine your presence as a witness to Jesus’ crucifixion.

If you did not know of Jesus cruel path to glory, would you have wondered why Jesus didn’t use his powers to save himself?  Give thanks that Jesus endured all for you.